With the complexity of today’s vehicle, it often takes a highly skilled technician with advanced level tools to get to the root cause of the problem. Our auto diagnostic testing service takes the guess work out repairing your vehicle and comes with our nationwide warranty.

This service includes:

  • Visual inspection of related components
  • System analysis
  • Research of Technical Service Bulletins
  • Pin Point testing
  • Component diagnosis

This diagnostic service should be performed when you are experiencing drivability issues, reduced fuel economy, have a check engine or service engine soon light illuminated/or flashing.



When your Check Engine light comes on, a trouble code will be stored in one or more of your vehicle’s computers. There are certain conditions (usually 4-5 specific criteria) that have to be met for a trouble code to set, and it is vitally important that the technician who is diagnosing your car checks all of them before he/she makes a repair decision.

The diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is effectively the “tip of the iceberg”. The trouble code takes you to “an area” for further testing to properly determine where the real fault is. The diagnostic fee allows us the time to thoroughly test and accurately determine the real cause of the warning light using the professional test equipment we have invested in.

At AK Auto Repair and Smog, we subscribe to a professional auto repair information system as well as the most thorough database in the industry of proven experience-based repairs from the best technical experts in the auto industry. Our engine diagnostic services help us to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle’s engine problem and a repair that is done correctly the first time.


Our Free Code Scan service is an informational service that we perform for free. We will connect to your vehicle and retrieve the codes that are triggering your light to illuminate. We will also provide you with an easy to read print out. Once we have a better understanding of what is triggering your light to illuminate, our trained customer service associates will recommend the appropriate service. This service should be performed when you have a check engine light illuminated and are looking to receive preliminary information before committing to further work.


In order to for your vehicle to operate efficiently and correctly, it is imperative to have all electrical components installed with the latest manufacturer updates. At AK Auto Repair and Smog, our certified technicians are trained and qualified to use a J2534 Programming Interface to install OEM automotive updates on a complete electrical system in vehicles made in 1996 or newer. Reflash services can be done at our location or yours with same day service.
Our specialist can analyze and diagnose check engines lights and drivability issue with the latest scan tools and circuit testing equipment in our shop. In most situations, diagnostics can be done at your shop.


The majority of oil leaks can be repaired by replacing the correct gasket. Our shop has all the specialty tools that are required for most engine repairs such as timing belts, cooling systems repair, and gasket replacements. We perform all engine and gasket repair at our shop in a timely manner.
Every oil change completed by ADAR Automotive Diagnostic & Repair comes with 46 Point Vehicle Inspection including Brake Inspection, Air Pressure Adjustment, Fluid Check, Tire Rotation, and Free Check Engine Scan. We only use high-quality oil ALL oil changes. ADAR Automotive Diagnostic & Repair technicians also have to knowledge and tools to service Diesel oil changes. 



Our locations have multiple bays to ensure that we provide you service that is done quickly and efficiently. We can perform all manufacturer scheduled maintenance right here in our shop.


As your brakes wear down from use it causes the stopping distance of your car to become greater, potentially putting yourself, passengers, and other motorists in danger. Brakes should be inspected every three to six month to ensure they have proper wear on the components before they become a safety hazard. ADAR Automotive Diagnostic & Repair brake inspection includes the checking of all brake components. If we locate a safety concern, Our ASE Trained and Certified Technicians will install Premium Brake Pads and Rotors to make sure your vehicle can stop safely. All ADAR Automotive Diagnostic & Repair brake repairs service comes with a 100% GUARANTEE on parts and labor in order to protect the safety of our customers and their investments.







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