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To get proper DMV certification with the California BAR, you must pass a smog check. That is why your car should be receiving regular car maintenance to ensure it can pass the emissions test when the time comes. Passing the smog check depends on customers not waiting until their cars develop problems or they have failed several smog tests. Instead, A-K Auto Repair and Smog recommends performing regular oil changes, tune-ups, and filter and part replacements, so you can pass the smog test the first time around. Visit us for a smog check in Lake Forest, CA today!

Drivers should not be surprised by a failed smog test if they do not have their vehicles regularly maintained. We recommend planning ahead to get your vehicle ready to pass its smog check well in advance of DMV deadlines for registration. If you think your vehicle might not pass, request a pre-test with our friendly technicians.

The State of California requires every smog check we perform at our smog check station to be conducted in a specific order. The inspection requires the following steps:

• Exhaust Gas Analyzer—This is also called the “smog machine.” We look for high levels of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides, and nitrous oxides in your vehicle’s exhaust. These chemicals are undesired and contribute to high levels of smog in the air.

• Visual—The second inspection requires the technician to visually inspect your vehicle for any signs that you need emissions repairs such as the check engine light being on and disconnected hoses.

• Functional—Our technicians check your vehicle’s drivability, how it starts, how it sounds, and how it performs its normal functions during operation. Your vehicle must pass all inspections to be granted certification.

• Enhanced Smog Test—In parts of California with high smog pollution, vehicles are required to go through the enhanced smog test. This smog check drives your vehicle on a dynamometer while the smog machine collects exhaust samples from the tailpipe to give a more accurate reading of your vehicle’s output.

At A-K Auto Repair and Smog, we perform each part of the smog check to give an accurate representation of your vehicle’s status. If your vehicle fails the first time, we will be happy to perform a second test for free. We do whatever it takes to send our Lake Forest, CA customers home satisfied. Give us a try today.


Your DMV renewal notice has just arrived in the mail, and this year, you discover that the state is requesting a smog inspection, which must be completed at a certified smog station. Don’t panic. This just means that you need to bring your vehicle in to A-K Auto Repair and Smog, where we will quickly make sure that your car meets the standards of the Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR).

We are a Star certified smog station in Lake Forest, CA, authorized by the state to perform smog inspections and make repairs. We also participate in the state’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) to help eligible Californian’s obtain their inspections. We maintain a close relationship with the State of California to guarantee we meet all established protocols.

Our smog station uses three different categories to determine the status of your vehicle and whether a smog check will be necessary:

• Gross Polluters—These are vehicles which have failed smog inspections in the past with very high emissions. These vehicles must visit a smog station every year or every other year.

• High Emitters—Vehicles of this type have a very high chance of failing the smog inspection. They can usually be repaired in our shop without issue.

• Random Sample—The BAR performs a random sample of vehicles registered in California and operating on public roadways. Your vehicle may be selected for testing even if you have never failed an inspection.

There is no need to be worried if your vehicle is selected to visit a smog test station for a STAR smog check. Our smog technicians will conduct all the necessary tests and inform you of any maj

or issues that may cause problems. Find out how close A-K Auto Repair and Smog is to you in Lake Forest, CA and get your inspection behind you.

Smog Diagnostic Repair

AK Auto Repair and Smog is the smog shop in Lake Forest, CA. We service all makes and models. If you have failed a smog test, we provide smog diagnostic repair to help you understand the problems with your vehicle and possible solutions. We are committed to resolving any issues with your car to help you pass and get you back in your vehicle.

We know how important a car is in California and the necessity of having yours running in its best shape. Our smog diagnostic repair can pinpoint the specific issues that caused your vehicle to fail. Let one of our ASE certified technicians perform your smog repair and keep your car running better and longer. We will use the latest testing equipment to determine and complete repairs with reliability and speed.

Let us perform your smog diagnostic repair for the best prices and the most accurate inspection. We provide the following repairs and services:

• Air Conditioning and Heater
Engine Rebuild
Brake Inspection and Repair
Check Engine Light
• Belts
• Filters
• Plugs
Part Replacement
Transmission Rebuild
Oil Change
Tire Rotation and Alignment

Our smog diagnostic repair can get your vehicle into better shape with affordable services. Customers in Lake Forest, CA depend on us to keep their cars performing up to state standards. Failing a smog test does not have to be the end of your vehicle’s life. We can help you solve any problem related to smog diagnostic repair. Explore what we have to offer.




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